Friday, 17 August 2007

The biggest downfall of StanleyLim . Blog

Dear pals,
I would sincerely apologise for never updating my blog fora very long time. It's been around half a year i never update it. life is really busy..full of schedule..full of shit..full of stress..really..tiring!!!

After my diploma final exam.. hv started my higher diploma..with daily classes from monday till friday from 9am till 5 pm..its really tiring..weekend i hv activities running like sh*t loads..and doing my industrial training..n no time to update.

Well, i will update my blog after my industrial training..i schedule my blog to be reopened by 8th of October..well i would take some time off after my industrial training..n i hope i can get bet to my blogpost..

Once again..i sincerely apologise.

StanleyLim . Blog