Friday, 16 March 2007

Cina Cina @ Muar

Well, I've recently just commented bout the N'Tauz ..I've found out this video and I think they can get some improvement and idea about "video whore-ing"..this guy created a cool personal MTV.

I wouldn't say this MTV is perfect, but simply delicious and funny. It portrays the people and mandarin in Muar..simply great product of "video whore-ing"

Keep it up, I hope to see more from this guy from a town called, MUAR!!

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Some people ask me before, can I rap??or shuffle??or hip-hopping??

Nah, sorry..BUT this is what I can do...


Anonymous said... website..

AnGeL said...

no bad la his rap

VoN said... n my mOm enjoyed it