Friday, 16 March 2007

Cina Cina @ Muar

Well, I've recently just commented bout the N'Tauz ..I've found out this video and I think they can get some improvement and idea about "video whore-ing"..this guy created a cool personal MTV.

I wouldn't say this MTV is perfect, but simply delicious and funny. It portrays the people and mandarin in Muar..simply great product of "video whore-ing"

Keep it up, I hope to see more from this guy from a town called, MUAR!!

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Some people ask me before, can I rap??or shuffle??or hip-hopping??

Nah, sorry..BUT this is what I can do...

Sunday, 11 March 2007

N'TAUZ MTV long i dint blog d..sorry to StanleyLim . Blog reader's...i'm too busy with my examination which is around the corner...I hope u accept my apology..gee,thanks...

Well, a group of my friends has just finish their 1st ever MTV..and it's kinda rocks ok..that y I took out a lil of my precious time to share this video with you all.


If you cant view in my blog, then click the link below ;

This Video is a copyright of the N'TAUZ ; Any part of this video SHALL NOT be reproduced, taken for any business means or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission to the N'TAUZ

Specially thanks to the team members of N'TAUZ for such a nice video...Daniel Ngan, Simon Loh, Wei Keat, Boon Yong and Kong Gene..and also the crw members, Wei Ming and Jack Tan.