Thursday, 25 January 2007

Lion Dance

Well, as I said that Lion Dance is one of the performances that I totally enjoy till today. Let me tell you some history about lion dance if you have not heard of what is "Lion Dance".

Long time ago a fierce creature (*Nian)appeared, which terrified the villagers. No one could fight the Nian, so in despair the villagers asked the lion to help. The lion attacked the Nian and injured it, the Nian vowed to take revenge. The Nian did return this time the lion was unable to help, so the people constructed an imitation lion out of bamboo & cloth. 2 men operated the lion while the rest of the people banged there pots & pans. When the Nian saw the lion and heard the commotion it ran away. The Villagers carried on with this tradition every year to scare away evil.

I have a few things that I don't really understand about lion dance. So, I plan to ask all of you to help me to solve my illusion.

Question 1 : Does Lions Fight?

Do they have tribes that at times they will have tribal fight? Or do they have any lion dance kinda wrestling performance? Well, I hope that I can place bet onto one of them..a new way of gambling rite?

Question 2 : When it came to Malaysia?

When does the art of lion dance came to Malaysia? Where does they landed then? Do they came here since the Sultanate of Malacca?If yes, are they the warriors that kick off foreign rulers? What's their name then..perhaps Hang Singa Emas, Hang Singa Putih Merah...

Question 3 : What do they eat?

This question I really wanted to know since small. What does those lions eat besides than a Mandarin Orange? Are they a "Non-Halal" eater? Do they eat pork? If yes, can we actually offer them pork besides than mandarin orange during their performance?

Question 4 : How do they "Let Go"? does those lions pee or shit? They stand or squad type? Is their shit smelly? Like bull's? Well..weird question anyway!

Question 5 : Do they have sex?

Do they have sex? Or else how does they continue their generations for so long? They must be good at producing younger generations. Think that we human race must learn from them. Wondering how many styles of "kama sutra" they can perform? many question..If you know the answer,PLEASE leave your answer in the comment area. Thank You!


sze en said...

i'll remember to comment here instead next time ok? d:

Anonymous said...

good job on the lion dance post! it tells ppl bout our culture and stuff like dat...keep up...keep up...

Anonymous said...

i have no comment...
from jensen

VoN said...

i dono the answer eh...but waiting for one...hehe

Anonymous said...

It should be "Do Lions....." and NOT "Does lions..."