Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Digital Mall Grand Opening

Last Saturday, I went to Digital Mall for it's grand opening. It is grand but everyone was so "tu lan" with the opening time. It was schedule to open at 9.30 AM but due to Malaysian Global Time, it opened at 11.30 AM..so you imagine what I did there, since I arrive there at 8.15AM.Damn!

Digital Convenience in PJ

I guess it is due to the late arrival of those " Big Shots", lame and long speeches by "Big Shots". Imagine, there are around 500 People waiting to rush in and grab some cool stuff, but they have to wait for "Big Shots" to give his HONOURABLE speech. There is a lil "mogok" happened that time..they BOO the "Big Shots" while he is giving out his speech.

Well, there is a lion dance performance by the No.1 Lion Dance team in Malaysia. They have won a few international lion dance competition. Check it out, one of the lion dancer, he is just a young boy...and he is carried the lion dance HEAD! God, you know how heavy is the head?

Things are cheap there..you can check it out..a very good competition for Lowyat.Honest! And there is this stall which get another "honourable" award from Malaysia Book of Records.

The Largest Computer Retail Outlet in Malaysia

At the end of the day, after we squeeze our self thorough a crowded packed mall, my friend managed to get a digital camera. Luckily, it almost went out of stock!

Hmm..to be honest, Lion Dance is one of my fravourite performance during my younger days. But due to some curiousity since small, there are some question that I would like to bring it to all of you. Till the next post..


VoNVoN said...

we orang msia dah biasa wid tiz situation loh...sabar stanley...LOL...well...finally i can type something over here.coz yst memang tak boleh.dono wats wrong wid my connection thou.msia boleh~~~....sure boleh???

Anonymous said...

wahhhh i m impressed with the little boy!! oops!! came here to post a comment on yr post...not the boy haha!! U go dere is lidat one la very crowded...Malaysians all aso wan 'cheap & good!' hahaha!!