Thursday, 25 January 2007

Lion Dance

Well, as I said that Lion Dance is one of the performances that I totally enjoy till today. Let me tell you some history about lion dance if you have not heard of what is "Lion Dance".

Long time ago a fierce creature (*Nian)appeared, which terrified the villagers. No one could fight the Nian, so in despair the villagers asked the lion to help. The lion attacked the Nian and injured it, the Nian vowed to take revenge. The Nian did return this time the lion was unable to help, so the people constructed an imitation lion out of bamboo & cloth. 2 men operated the lion while the rest of the people banged there pots & pans. When the Nian saw the lion and heard the commotion it ran away. The Villagers carried on with this tradition every year to scare away evil.

I have a few things that I don't really understand about lion dance. So, I plan to ask all of you to help me to solve my illusion.

Question 1 : Does Lions Fight?

Do they have tribes that at times they will have tribal fight? Or do they have any lion dance kinda wrestling performance? Well, I hope that I can place bet onto one of them..a new way of gambling rite?

Question 2 : When it came to Malaysia?

When does the art of lion dance came to Malaysia? Where does they landed then? Do they came here since the Sultanate of Malacca?If yes, are they the warriors that kick off foreign rulers? What's their name then..perhaps Hang Singa Emas, Hang Singa Putih Merah...

Question 3 : What do they eat?

This question I really wanted to know since small. What does those lions eat besides than a Mandarin Orange? Are they a "Non-Halal" eater? Do they eat pork? If yes, can we actually offer them pork besides than mandarin orange during their performance?

Question 4 : How do they "Let Go"? does those lions pee or shit? They stand or squad type? Is their shit smelly? Like bull's? Well..weird question anyway!

Question 5 : Do they have sex?

Do they have sex? Or else how does they continue their generations for so long? They must be good at producing younger generations. Think that we human race must learn from them. Wondering how many styles of "kama sutra" they can perform? many question..If you know the answer,PLEASE leave your answer in the comment area. Thank You!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Digital Mall Grand Opening

Last Saturday, I went to Digital Mall for it's grand opening. It is grand but everyone was so "tu lan" with the opening time. It was schedule to open at 9.30 AM but due to Malaysian Global Time, it opened at 11.30 you imagine what I did there, since I arrive there at 8.15AM.Damn!

Digital Convenience in PJ

I guess it is due to the late arrival of those " Big Shots", lame and long speeches by "Big Shots". Imagine, there are around 500 People waiting to rush in and grab some cool stuff, but they have to wait for "Big Shots" to give his HONOURABLE speech. There is a lil "mogok" happened that time..they BOO the "Big Shots" while he is giving out his speech.

Well, there is a lion dance performance by the No.1 Lion Dance team in Malaysia. They have won a few international lion dance competition. Check it out, one of the lion dancer, he is just a young boy...and he is carried the lion dance HEAD! God, you know how heavy is the head?

Things are cheap can check it out..a very good competition for Lowyat.Honest! And there is this stall which get another "honourable" award from Malaysia Book of Records.

The Largest Computer Retail Outlet in Malaysia

At the end of the day, after we squeeze our self thorough a crowded packed mall, my friend managed to get a digital camera. Luckily, it almost went out of stock! be honest, Lion Dance is one of my fravourite performance during my younger days. But due to some curiousity since small, there are some question that I would like to bring it to all of you. Till the next post..

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Up to The Sky

I kick off my Visit Malaysia Year 2007 with a visit to KLCC. I reach there around 8.00 am in the morning. Hey, what the hell you think I will be doing at 8 in the morn in KLCC?? Of course getting the free entrance ticket to Sky Bridge!

Well, how actually you get till the sky bridge? You have to fly up dude! If you can't fly, you have to pay for it. Gosh, I actually flied up till 170 metres above the ground level.

There is a machine that can actually measure your height and tell you that KLCC is how many times taller than you. Damn..anyway let me reveal my height!

In KLCC there is also a so called "Premium Toilet" where you have to pay RM2 per entrance. They will give you a receipt and a complimentary face tissue. Well, I wouldn't want to waste the RM2 I've paid, so I went in there and do my BIG business. For tourist, let me tell you that in Malaysia you have to pay to get a clean toilet, or else... Anyway, they give you use some ammendities from "The Body Shop".

Well, to be honest the "Premium Toilet" is a waste of money to experience. The damn personal butler in the toilet don't even greet you, don't even smile to you, not even handsome, don't even unzip your pants for you, don't even tell you to have a "safe shitting / peeing"..instead he stare at you and you can feel that he is chasing you OFF!

In the park at KLCC, there is a water fountain that provides drinking water to everyone. But, the water looks not much different from "longkang" water."Longkang" means drain in BM.

If you are using LRT to KLCC, from the train station to KLCC you can actually experience digital advertisement..kinda can take picture with artist like Lee Hom. I also took picture with my idol..guess who?

FOOD is my Idol

For you information, KLCC is the 2nd tallest building in the world. OOPS, it is the TALLEST twin tower in the WORLD!Malaysia Boleh!

And, I wonder why don't they use a more pretty lady for their brochure. Instead of using this "cute" lady..swt~

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Cartoons Character I Wish to Be

Well, I was flipping through my childhood memories. The 1st thing came into my mind was cartoons. Yes, cartoons has been a part of my childhood life. favourites are Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ryu(Street Fighter) and Mario. I always wish that I could be like them one day. Even a dream its enough for me. Why I like them, I felt that we share some similarity in characteristics.

TOM is a hunter. He always hunt for Jerry.But finally, he wont eat Jerry due to his kindness in himself. Well, I do always being sarcastic but indeed I wont really hurt people. I GUESS!

MICKEY is intel. He is the spot light of Disney world.The main character of Disney. Haha, am I intel? Justify urself. Spot light among friends? I suppose..

MARIO, well one of everyone childhood character. Almost everyone play the game called "Super Mario". Why? I would say the game is not hard..but yet lil challenging. Well, Stanley's life is not that hard, but its full of challenges. And the most important in, Mario is SHORT! I am as well for your Info!!

RYU, one of the main character in my favourite anime...STREET FIGHTER...damn, this guy is handsome, good in martial arts and muscular.Hack, I'm not saying I looks like him..but I HOPE to be like him..that's what i have in common...ahah

DONALD DUCK...damn, this cartoon is real freaking funny man. He is talkative, kaypo, entertaining, funny, get excited easily and short! Well, i have to admit that I'm Kaypo and talkative. Don' you guys agree?

Hmm, which character is the most similiar to me?? Well, you guys decide. . .

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Thursday, 11 January 2007

My Life = My Campus = My Confusion

It's been 1 and a half years since I join Taylor's College School of Hospitality & Tourism. Today during break time, I walked throughout my whole campus and imagine that I'm giving a campus tour to a group of new intake "Leng Lui"s. Here is how my imagination goes . . .

The Annexe:

LengLuiS : Sir ah Sir, why our college recreation room got only 1 type of game only wan??

Stanley : LengLui ah LengLui, ur eye got problem is it? We have 3 games. Table tennis,Foosball and Dart mah...3 loh!

LengLuiS : U stupid ah you play the dart?

LengLuiS : So many"pi kang sai"(nose shit in hokkien), u throw throw also cannot lah! Sumore
the darts are not sharp wan..all blunted d la!

Stanley : (Staying calm, act cool) BUT you still have 2. You can play Foosball also what! You
want to challenge me?? I'm a PRO Okay!!!

LengLuiS : Don't cheat us la sir..YOU are a NOOB!!

Stanley : What the HACK? Why u said that..u newbies!!

LengLuiS : U tell me how you play?? You got coins to play meh?

LengLuiS : Where got people use RM 1 coin anymore? You Noob la sir..hehehe.. ppl play use 4
50 cents coin...Not RM 1... s t u p i d! Don't know how to play..admit it LAH!!

Fuhh...what a horrible imagination...I wont lead a campus tour for a group of LengLuiS anymore! Hey, I can actually lead a bunch of Nerdies! all the wannabes of a "Very Honourable Pass with Congrats by the Jury". (highest grading in French education)

Library @ Level 10 :

Stanley : Ok guys, this is our library.It comprises of...

Nerdies : Sir! Can I go to the water closet please?

Stanley : Be my guest! On your left pls.
Later On. . .

Nerdies : Sir, I think I don't want to join this college anymore.

Stanley : Why? Let us have a talk!

Nerdies : We don't need to. Go to the cubicle in the gents, and see behind the door!

Stanley : But... it's ok what?

Nerdies : No, the way they write is informal. It will spoil my english!

Stanley : Swt...what ever la jack ars. If you think you are very smart, the door is open for
you to leave!Buzz off dude!

Hack, another bad imagination. Ok, final decision is i will never ever become a conductor for campus tour anymore! Then I decided to eat, so i just went in to a restaurant without thinking much. The menu was damn interesting !

I wonder how actually they make " homeMAKE DESERT " ?? Hmm...maybe they cultivate the dirt..put some seasoning... add in cream...then here it goes, the HomeMAKE DESERT!!!

I browse through the menu quickly but i don't know what to eat. So I called the server and asked ...

Stanley : What food would you kindly recommend me today?

Server : Are you single sir? Do you have a girl friend or wife?

Stanley : I'm all by myself. No girl with me at the moment.

Server : Then I would recommend you our speciality of the house...the Juicy Bun!

30 Minutes pass..

Stanley : He dude, where is my Juicy Bun?? You forgotten d?

Server : Give me a's almost done

I still wondering what the hack is Juicy Bun...oh..finally its here

Real juicy..Anyway, if you are interested to know more about Taylor's College, pls don't come and find me but simply log on to

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Dog Competition

Recently I was given a free entry pass by Malaysian Kennel Association to experience a dog competition. It is the 2006 Asia Kennel Union All Breed Championship. It was held in the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA) on the 31st December 2006.

When i reach there at around 10.30 AM, I was suprise that there were not many supporters for the annually event. Maybe I was just too early for the dog lovers to wake up. Hack, it's already 10.30 AM and it actually started at 9.00 AM. The set up was pretty boring as there is not a single activity for the visitors/supporters. All of them just gather in the hall to witness the competition.

Well, this year the event was host by '' Royal Canin ''. I expect them to have something fun like lucky draw, door gift, Q&A besides than just give you a few sample packet of dog food which is not even enough to feed my BIG SIZE guard dog. Since they are the world leader nutritionist for dogs and cats, they should have put more effort in this event.

Award Winning Doberman

Well, i must consider myself lucky that i can meet this award winning breeder with his award winning dog. You see the pic, he is damn good in body posture.Congrats to him as he helped his owner to win "Best of Breed" and "Reserve Challenge". I would LOVE to stay for their award ceremony, but too bad that time is not allowing me to do so!

MKA Reserve Challenge

MKA Best of Breed Award

Later on, I met some of "cute" situation in the competition. Some of the dog "kan cheong" last minute and wouldn't want to get inside the competition arena. Maybe they are afraid that they are not good enough to compete.Poor Dog!

The Family Tree

I found this dog sitting beside his owner, and out of no where he got excited when he was surrounded by a few female visitors!

After walking 3 rounds in the arena, I found out that there are a few area of improvement that can be done by MKA for the next coming competition :

Idea 1 : Sexy Lady for The Award Winning Dog

They should have hired a few female models to post with the owner during the prize giving ceremony. This will actually give some inspiration and definately next year there will be more participant.

Idea 2 : Dog Lover's Movie Preview

A movie session for all those visitors should be place in their schedule as it will draw a bigger crowd attention. This will also make the directors to produce more movie related to dogs as to show their love to the "Man Best Friend".

Idea 3 : Sport Skills Competition

A few sport skills competition should have been organised for dogs. This will add another workload for the trainer if MKA introduce this next year. The trainer will hunt for my head..and screw me cause of giving this idea. Sports that can be intro = SOCCER!

Idea 4 : Kama Sutra Stunt Dog

Dogs do have their Love life. So let them have some fun during competition! Give them a SEX FREE day out!

Idea 5 : Like Owner Like Dog

MKA should organise a "Like Owner Like Dog" competition. Some of the owner looks like their dog. This is serious k!!

Overall, the competition was pretty lame and dull. But I manage to took a picture that give me the "Source of Inspiration" that brighted UP my day after attending the boring competition. Jeng Jeng Jeng . . . Wow.Nice Shot! A sexy owner with big fat chow chow is more than enough for me!

Friday, 5 January 2007

Innovative Sanitary Napkin

Recently I've discovered that there is an innovative sanitary pad in the market. The brand for the pad is "SuSen". It was claimed as the "BEST sanitary pad for women". I wonder how many types of herbs is in there but let me just make a wild guess....maybe tongkat ali, star anise and cinnamon?

Hack, I'm not crapping and trust me...they are the award winning sanitary pad OK! They've won the "Excellent Award,1999 National Innovations Exhibition" & "Gold Medal,2000 International Exhibition of Invention Geneva,Switzerland". They are the best solution of women's period pain and for those women who suffers from period pain...the antidote is yours!

Excellent Award,1999 National Inovations Exhibition

Gold Medal, International Exhibiton of Invention,Geneva of Switzerland

I decided to try out a few experiment on the herbal pad besides than being just a normal sanitary pad.

Experiment 1 : Stomach Ache

Place the sanitary pad on your stomach if you are suffering from a stomach ache..relax after more stomach ache.

Rating : 2 / 5

Experiment 2 : Muscle Cramp

If you are suffering from muscle cramp after a couple of badminton game, hiking or while having sex...try to place the herbal sanitary pad on the affected area.

Rating : 1 / 5

Experiment 3 : Smelly Armpit

If you are born with smelly armpit,try to place the herbal sanitary pad on your armpit while sleeping. Be careful, this will FAIL if the pad falls off while you are sleeping. It can absorb all your smelly sweat away!

Rating : 4 / 5

Experiment 4 : Sore Troat

If you are currently suffering from a sore troat,what are you waiting for? Just grab a herbal sanitary pad and pour hot water over it ,then drink it like how you drink your normal daily BOH tea!! Refreshing and it WORKS!!

Rating : 5 / 5

Wondering why this thing works so well? Then this is your answer ladies and gentlemen. Very very innovative!

So don't waste your time anymore...get a SuSen herbal sanitary pad today. You can get it from direct seller,stores or log on to .